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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Proposed Change in Versioned Docs and PlugIn-Tabs
Date Sun, 21 May 2006 08:52:15 GMT

I'd like to fix or abandon the subtabs for Versioned Docs and PlugIn-Tabs
because to this point they both don't work in a consistent way.

To be more specific, the subtabs only show when the Versioned Docs-Tab
is first selected, as soon as you choose a version they disappear
and you have to return to the index page (or click Versioned Docs-tab)
again to look at other versions.

To fix this we'd have to change the structure again and move all
versioned docs in a proper subdirectory (docs\v_070) so that Forrest
can associate the selected subtab with the the open file.

That would be possible by putting in an extra day or so, moving all
the docs, adjusting all the links and create regEx redirects in

If we don't, I'll simply remove the subtabs and create a new version
level in the versioned tabs menu structure.

Versioned Docs Tab menu:

Version 0.80
  menu items
Version 0.70
  menu items
Version 0.60
  menu items

It probably would be a good idea to fix the subtabs just to give
people at least one fully working example of our tabs and menu system,
so even though I hate the work I'd suggest the first.


To fix this for PlugIns I'l probably need some help in adjusting the
pipelines. Anybody volunteering?
Ferdinand Soethe

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