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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: Using browser headers for i18n? (was: Per-project i18n LocaleAction and LocaleMatcher configuration)
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 15:42:18 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz escribió:
>> ...but It does not work in my side. I am not able to produce local
>> content,
>> I will investigate the reason...
> ok, if you come up with failure scenarios please post them here so
> that we can find out what's wrong.

My scenario is already documented here:

> Agreed, in that case, and when you want to have explicit locale
> selection in the URLs, it's better to use something like
>  de/somecontent.html
>  fr/somecontent.html
I was using a configuration on the cli to create a static site

> Which is what I'm after in fact, and currently it seems to work fine
> with a matcher such as
>  <map:match type="regexp" pattern="(de|fr|en|it)/(**).html">
>    <map:generate src:="cocoon://{2}.html?locale={1}"/>
>    <!-- post-process links here to get the right locale in them -->
>    <map:serialize type="html"/>
>  </map:match>

What about using the i18nMatcher for this?

> What is your use case, what is not working for you?

what is not working for me is what is describe in "Locale
Identification" on this page

Locale provided by the user agent, or server default, if use-locale is
set to true

It was not working, so I had to set {request:locale} to get it working.

> I think the goal would be to get either
> a) browser-based locale selection
>  or
> b) URL-based locale selection (parameter or path)
> to work, based on configurable options (sitemap patching at worst).

> But maybe you have another use-case in mind?

I agree with you in the goal. I had some code already on svn to detect
alternate language (in i18n.xmap) but is it no used as default.

I use Forrest to create static content, that is why I am happy to create
a index.html.{LANG} so we let httpd do their magic.


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