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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: help - yet another Dispatcher false start
Date Sat, 20 May 2006 10:29:31 GMT
Mark Eggers wrote:
> Ross,
> Here's what works on Windows/2000 Professional using
> jdk 1.5.0_06.  Your mileage may vary.
> 1) Update to the latest svn head.  At least under
> Windows this is necessary due to some xml-resolver
> issues.
> 2) cd $FORREST_HOME/etc
> 3) Run ./ (I run under cygwin).  Use
> builddispatcher.bat if you're running under CMD.exe

There should be no need for that with head as plugins should be auto 
deployed from src if they are available. However, Brian mentions, later 
in this thread, that he needs to manually deploy the plugins. I will try 
this, see end of this mail.

> 4) As far as I know, you don't really need to build
> all of the plugins.  I still do this with a shell
> script I call  I've included that in the
> mail message.

There should be no need for this, for two reasons:

1) plugins are now supposed to auto-deploy from src
2) only plugins used by the site need to be deployed

> 5) I also build the citations and glossary plugins. 
> Again, I don't think it's necessary.

See above

> 6) Find a new place to create a fresh site and run
> forrest seed.


> 7) Edit the resulting and add the
> following plugins to use the dispatcher:
> org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.dispatcher
> org.apache.forrest.themes.core


> 8) Fire up forrest with forrest run, and then browse
> to http://localhost:8888/


So, apart from manually deploying the dispatcher plugins you do 
everything I do. Let me test that...

> That being said, there are a lot of changes that
> appear to be going on with the dispatcher.  I've just
> started to dig into the new views (.fv) and contracts
> (.ft) structures.  Basically, you have to piece things
> together from existing theme files by looking at the
> later released files.  The current documentation
> doesn't seem to be correct.

Yes, that is the ongoing problem with Dispatcher. It is only now started 
to attract more interest, hopefully some of this interest will result in 
  more contributions to docs and the like (as you are doing right here, 
thank you).

So did it work by manually deploying the dispatcher plugins?


does not work for me (Win XP and CYGWIN)

Looking at this script I see that all it does is build forrest and 
deploy the plugins (as Brian describes later in this thread). So I 
manually deployed the plugins (after building Forrest of course).

This works!!!!

So, there are a couple of issues here:

Why do the plugins not auto-deploy correctly? (I'll open an issue on this)

Why does the builddispatcher script fail for me? To be honest I don't 
care, I'd rather spend the effort on answering the first question)

Can we update the quickstart docs? Of course *I* can - doing that in a 
few minutes.

Thanks mark, Brian and Gav for your help in this thread - it's great to 
get help from new folk


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