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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: review list of scheduled issues for 0.8 release
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 15:48:20 GMT
le 11/05/2006 17:27 Ross Gardler a écrit :
> Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:
>> le 11/05/2006 07:34 David Crossley a écrit :
>>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>   [SNIP...]
>>>>> ------------------------
>>>>> FOR-388 Use plugins in-place if src available
>>>> I know Cyriaque has been finishing what I started, need to review 
>>>> this issue and see how far he has got with it.
>> Yes it's working well with me - And we recently has the Thorsten 
>> feedback which was good.
>> I still need to document the forrest site UsingPlugins page - to make 
>> you understand what I have done ;-) .
>> I think the three related issues may be closed :
>> FOR-747 <>,
> That is about integrating content from Jira into the projectInfo 
> plugin. What makes you think it is resolved?
I was wrong with this FOR, I must have made a mistake I will see...

>> FOR-388 <>, 
> That is about using plugins in place. From what I have seen in the 
> commits you have polished my work on enabling them to be deployed if 
> available locally, but they still need to be deployed don't they?
> If so this issue should remain open - that's what I wanted to review.
Right again, I think that there is a still problem with non deployed 
plugin, thanks to point it. I certainly work on this latter.
>> FOR-343 <>...
> This one is about automatically upgrading a plugin if no version 
> number is supplied. So, if this is to be closed then every time I run 
> Forrest I should get the very latest of all required plugins that do 
> not carry a version number. From what I have seen, this does not 
> happen. It still does what it used to do, if the not present then it 
> installs it, if it is present it uses the one available. Did I miss 
> something?
I am not sure of this, I think that the first time you run forrest, it 
gets the and unpack it and keep the zip file.
Then the is updated in the vault,
If you re-run forrest, it will get the new (get "knows" that the file is 
newer by comparing with the kept previous version) and unpack-it.
So what have you seen when you say it doesn't happen ? How did you make 
the test ?

> Ross
>> Salutations,
>> Cyriaque,
>>> [SNIP...]

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