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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: status of skins and dispatcher for 0.8 release
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 07:37:41 GMT
le 04/05/2006 09:06 Ross Gardler a écrit :
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Thorsten Scherler wrote:

> [SNIP]

> Nice overlap with Ferdinands proposal for a clear development 
> proposal. Lets use this as a test case. I'll be proposing the Daisy 
> plugin too once I have enough time to document it a little better. We 
> can use both the Daisy and the Dispatcher/themer plugins as test cases.
> One thing that will have to happen before the Dispatcher comes out of 
> core is to resolve the plugin dependency issues.
> Some time ago we agreed that plugins should not have any dependencies 
> on one another. We also acknowledged that here may come a time in 
> which such a dependency is required. This may be it, but the plugin 
> architecture does not currently support dependencies. We need to 
> create the concept of "features" which are collections of plugins that 
> work together to achieve a specific goal.
I think we need to specify the concept of "feature" for plugins and the 
notion of plugin dependency of "features".
Try to explain :

    * Plugin A implement the Feature 1
    * Plugin B also implement the feature 1

    * Plugin C depends on the feature 1

For instance, Plugin C is the dispatcher and Plugins A and B two 
implementations of the core.theme
So what ?

Projects can select their implementations :
    If a project specifies project.required.plugins=C, A, it's OK,
    If a project specifies project.required.plugins=C, B, it's OK too - 
but with a different behaviour or rendering,


> We can return to this after the 0.8 release though.
> Ross

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