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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: status of skins and dispatcher for 0.8 release
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 07:06:37 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>Ross Gardler escribi??:
>>>Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>>>Ross Gardler escribi??:


>>>So is it
>>>stable enough for us to promise backward compatability?
>>from 0.8 up
>>yes, *my personal opinion* (!!!)
> Are you sure that the move to xhtml2 in the core
> ASAP after the release is not going to affect that?

To be stable with respect to backward compatability it needs to have a 
fixed grammar so that users need not change anything to keep up with any 
internal changes in the code. A move to XHTML2 should not affect this as 
it is an internal format and would not affect the source format or the 
structurer grammar.

>>>>>If dispatcher cannot be called stable yet then I do not think we should
>>>>>be encouraging users to adopt it. If it is considered stable then I
>>>>>think a statement to the effect of "cutting edge users and developers
>>>>>are encouraged to *test* the dispatcher which is intended to replace
>>>>>skins in 0.9"
> If we agree on the above discussion about continuing
> skins as plugins, then say "alternative to".


>>>>I think we should move the dispatcher out of the whiteboard now. There
>>>>are only some minor enhancements that keeps it still in there. I reckon
>>>>when we are switching to dispatcher after the 0.8 release (in 0.9-dev)
>>>>then the least thing is to add the dispatcher to the official plugins
>>>>before the 0.8 release. It is just a svn mv and some other things, or?
> I don't know what is involved. This case is one of
> the first that we have had. I suppose that we would need
> a clear proposal and the PMC needs to decide that we agree
> with the overall direction and timing, etc.

Nice overlap with Ferdinands proposal for a clear development proposal. 
Lets use this as a test case. I'll be proposing the Daisy plugin too 
once I have enough time to document it a little better. We can use both 
the Daisy and the Dispatcher/themer plugins as test cases.

One thing that will have to happen before the Dispatcher comes out of 
core is to resolve the plugin dependency issues.

Some time ago we agreed that plugins should not have any dependencies on 
one another. We also acknowledged that here may come a time in which 
such a dependency is required. This may be it, but the plugin 
architecture does not currently support dependencies. We need to create 
the concept of "features" which are collections of plugins that work 
together to achieve a specific goal.

We can return to this after the 0.8 release though.


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