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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: status of skins and dispatcher for 0.8 release
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 16:50:09 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> We need to have a very clear statement about the
> status of "Skins" and "Dispatcher" for the upcoming
> 0.8 release. This statement needs to reflect the vision
> of developers and where the PMC wants the project to
> be going.
> At the same time we need to be careful to not get
> people over-excited about new technologies that are
> not quite ready. Remember the mess that we got into
> at Apache Incubator.
> Users and developers need to know that Skins are
> still usable and still the main mechanism.
> There is then the Dispatcher work-in-progress that
> has reached an excellent stage. We certainly want to
> encourage people to investigate it and help to
> develop it.
> It is my understanding that we have not yet made a
> decision about when Dispatcher will be ready, nor
> whether it will replace skins or whether both will
> be usable as plugins. I, for one, am happy to further
> delay that decision, but we need to come up with
> some words to define the situation.
> What do others think?

It is my understanding that the intention is to eventually have 
dispatcher in core and that the current skins functionality will move to 
an internal plugin. This means that new sites will be seeded with the 
dispatcher as default, old sites will need to add the skins plugin to 

It is my understanding that this is scheduled to happen in the 0.9 
release, by which time the dispatcher should be stable.

So, my questions are:

1) is my understanding correct?
2) is the dispatcher stable in its implementation? That is, can people 
adopt it without fear of their sites breaking or the dispatcher moving 
so far from its current implementation that sites will need to be 

If dispatcher cannot be called stable yet then I do not think we should 
be encouraging users to adopt it. If it is considered stable then I 
think a statement to the effect of "cutting edge users and developers 
are encouraged to *test* the dispatcher which is intended to replace 
skins in 0.9"

> I made a start today with a new document called:
> "Status of Themes: Skins and Dispatcher" ...

It's down at the moment - will look later.


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