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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] remove 0.6 docs when doing 0.8 release
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 07:22:29 GMT

People wrote:

> I reckon that we should remove the old 0.60 docs from
> site-author.


> We should also delete them from the forrest website.


> Users of 0.6 have the docs in their local copies if they need them.

Yes, that we should always keep in mind.

However, it wouldn't hurt to add a pointer to the wayback machine in
case somebody wants to look at older version.

I just checked. Unfortunately the last entry there is Mar 29 2005
which is about a month before me released 0.7.

But this can be helped for future releases if we just add the
following lines to the documentation publishing task

- Check out*/ to
  see if a current version is archived in the wayback machine.

  If not open
  and ask for to be crawled again.

(Have done this today)

With this done we could just add pointers to past stages of
documentation to out version tabs so that people can still have access
to all versions without us having to maintain them.

So I'd add something like:

- Open*/ and find
  the most recent version of in the wayback machine.
  Add the url to the index page of the versions tab.

> Yes. However i just want to make sure that people
> understand that we are only editing the -dev
> version of the documentation.

Is that really so. I thought that if we found an error in
documentation or a bug in an old version we would also change the
documentation of the current version.

Ferdinand Soethe

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