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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Proposed Change in Versioned Docs and PlugIn-Tabs
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 06:49:10 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> I'd like to fix or abandon the subtabs for Versioned Docs and PlugIn-Tabs
> because to this point they both don't work in a consistent way.

I understand your desire to address the sub-tabs problem.

Here are some of our issues.

I have tried to tackle these problems on many
occasions but given up.

> To be more specific, the subtabs only show when the Versioned Docs-Tab
> is first selected, as soon as you choose a version they disappear
> and you have to return to the index page (or click Versioned Docs-tab)
> again to look at other versions.

To make things easier to see what is happening
i changed my site-author/skinconf.xml to
<color name="subtab-selected" value="#00ff00" ...
<color name="subtab-unselected" value="#ff0000" ...
This shows that sub-tabs are always shown as "selected".

helps to show which tab that each menu item is
associated with.

URLs like this help a bit with debugging:
then do view source.

That shows that "base-selected" etc. are not being
handled for subtabs, perhaps in:

> To fix this we'd have to change the structure again and move all
> versioned docs in a proper subdirectory (docs\v_070) so that Forrest
> can associate the selected subtab with the the open file.

I gather that that will make the sub-tabs be shown
like the directory structure of pluginDocs.

However that is not the whole problem. There
are other issues about selected tabs. See above.

> That would be possible by putting in an extra day or so, moving all
> the docs, adjusting all the links and create regEx redirects in
> .htaccess.

We should not rely on .htaccess redirects.
It is becoming very cumbersome. But sure, if we need
to do that. 

> If we don't, I'll simply remove the subtabs and create a new version
> level in the versioned tabs menu structure.
> Versioned Docs Tab menu:
> Version 0.80
>   menu items
> Version 0.70
>   menu items
> Version 0.60
>   menu items

This is not good because then every page carries a very
hefty left-hand navigation panel. That generated code
would change for every page in all three versions when
we just add a new item in say 0.80 docs.

> It probably would be a good idea to fix the subtabs just to give
> people at least one fully working example of our tabs and menu system,
> so even though I hate the work I'd suggest the first.
> wdyt?
> To fix this for PlugIns I'l probably need some help in adjusting the
> pipelines. Anybody volunteering?

Sorry, i don't have time to help much with this whole
level2tabs issue. I would elect to ignore the problem
like we did last time.


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