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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [heads up] Ant upgraded, please test
Date Sat, 20 May 2006 01:00:17 GMT
Mark Eggers wrote:
> Another note.
> Falling back to the older version of xml-resolver
> solves the other problem about taking both ANT_HOME
> and $ANT_HOME/bin out of my environment and PATH.

Hmm, how can you tell that it is not using
Forrest's packaged Ant?

> There is definitely something not friendly to Windows
> in the development version of the resolver, at least
> when it's used with ant.

See the discussion about Windows issues at
Apache XML Commons.
Message-ID: 20060425011352.GC12501 () igg ! indexgeo ! com ! au

I spoke too soon about it working on Windows.
I forgot to update this extra copy of resolver.
We have one in lib/core which people reported works
properly with Forrest's Cocoon. This other in
tools/ant/lib is used by Forrest's Ant for xmlvalidate
and xmlcatalog tasks.

However before going to xml-commons-dev it would be
good to gather some more info.

We should be able to set "verbosity=10" in a file. We have one in
main/webapp/WEB-INF/classes which is properly
used by Cocoon. We also have a project one at
but it seems to have no effect. Either our xmlcatalog
task in main/targets/validate.xml round line 147
is not finding (it needs to
be on the classpath when resolver.jar starts) or the
Ant xmlcatalog needs to be enhanced to use the
"verbosity" property.

I will be away for the weekend so will catch up later.


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