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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] remove 0.6 docs when doing 0.8 release
Date Sat, 06 May 2006 00:14:44 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> However, it wouldn't hurt to add a pointer to the wayback machine in
> case somebody wants to look at older version.

Fantastic idea.

> I just checked. Unfortunately the last entry there is Mar 29 2005
> (
> which is about a month before me released 0.7.

I checked a few non-ASF sites and the last available
archive is always around end March 2005.*/

Perhaps there is a deliberate viewing window
ending at thirteen months ago. That makes sense.

> But this can be helped for future releases if we just add the
> following lines to the documentation publishing task
> - Check out*/ to
>   see if a current version is archived in the wayback machine.
>   If not open
>   and ask for to be crawled again.
> (Have done this today)
> With this done we could just add pointers to past stages of
> documentation to out version tabs so that people can still have access
> to all versions without us having to maintain them.
> So I'd add something like:
> - Open*/ and find
>   the most recent version of in the wayback machine.
>   Add the url to the index page of the versions tab.
> wdyt?

I agree. Links direct to and not viewcvs.cgi
would be good too.

> > Yes. However i just want to make sure that people
> > understand that we are only editing the -dev
> > version of the documentation.
> Is that really so. I thought that if we found an error in
> documentation or a bug in an old version we would also change the
> documentation of the current version.

Going away for the weekend. Will answer this
bit later. Remind me if i don't.


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