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From "Paul Bolger" <>
Subject Re: MS input plugin
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 13:14:12 GMT
> I've no time to look at this right now - rushing out. However, I can
> provide a hint, if you still need help after the weekend I'll look in
> more detail.

It'll probably take me longer than that to try it out...

> > Any clues how I'd fix this?
> You need to add the OOo dtd's to the Forrest catalog files. I built this
> plugin prior to the introduction of the ability to add stuff to Forrest
> DTD's in plugins. What you need to do is add info about the DTD's to a
> plugin catalog file and add the DTD's themselves. For an example of how
> see resources/schema directory of the glossary plugin, along with recent
> discussions on the same lines here on the dev list. I think David
> updated the docs on this too.

Yep, that's the sort of thing I need. I read some of the catalog
discussion and must admit didn't understand it. There were a few
'catalogs for beginners' articles quoted, I remember.

> NB, the DTD's will be another resource we cannot add to the SVN due to
> licensing.
> > One thing I notice is that OpenOffice needs to be running for the
> > plugin to work -
> Yes, the plugins "documentation" (about 4 paragraphs) describe how to
> start OOo as a server.

I presume you are referring to  OOo via command line as detailed in


> > does it work with OpenOffice 2.0?
> I have no idea I didn't test it. I see no reason why not.

Good, it just occured to me that the OOo plugin is based around OOo 1,
didn't want to spend a whole lot of time trying to do something
Thanks for the tips - I'll post when I get to the next hurdle.


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