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From Web Maestro Clay <>
Subject Re: 'OpenDocument' or 'odt' + mailing list question
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:15:09 GMT
On Apr 20, 2006, at 9:52 PM, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Web Maestro Clay wrote:
>> I just noticed that we've got a new plugin:
>> $FORREST_HOME/whiteboard/plugins/
>> org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.OpenDocument
>> Before I spend time updating on this, which will be the final plugin
>> we'll use?
> I'd say that we'll certainly keep this one because it has the more
> common name.

erm... My apologies... No. That was my bad. As Thorsten brilliantly  
surmised, that 'plugin' was simply my first attempt at creating an  
OpenDocument plugin. Nothing more... nothing less. I got so involved  
in working on the new odt plugin I forgot I'd started creating an  
OpenDocument plugin myself. It merely contains code I copied from the plugin when.

> But as I have written in the thread on the odt-plugin I would still
> like to have the question answered how much it would take to make the
> old OpenOffice-plug-in support openDocument, simply because it seemed
> a lot further in terms of features and maturity.
> I think it would be great if s.o. working on the new plug-in could at
> least take the time to compare both approaches and see how they can be
> merged into one unified plugin that supports both.

I believe the reasons the Forrest team and I decided to focus on  
OpenDocument, was two-fold:
- OpenDocument is the default format for
- the 'sxw' file format itself has significant,  
inconsistent bugginess which causes problematic rendering in Forrest  

Just the same, I am considering some modifications to the OOo plugins  
to fix a couple of issues with the OOo Impress format.

>> Also, where should discussion of modifications go? dev@lenya.a.o or
>> dev@forrest.a.o?
> Well since these are Forrest plug-ins using Forrest technology and
> transforming to the current or future Forrest base format I'd say it
> should happen here.

I agree. My question was largely aimed at Thorsten, who IIRC  
indicated at one time that discussion should be in both places.  
However, so far most discussion I've seen has come through forrest.

> --
> Ferdinand Soethe


Clay Leeds

My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.
-- HH Dalai Lama of Tibet

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