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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Project Management Roles
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 12:56:40 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

> If you say to Developer X, do what you like, scratch your own
> Itch, it is sort of implying 'do what you like, we appreciate
> It but have our own more important things to take care of' .
> That last statement was maybe unfair but didn't know how to word
> It better. But the scope you give the developer in that sense is
> Huge, and they may get lost, at least to begin with.
> If you instead said to Developer X, how about you concentrate
> On going through the Roadmap, or how about you sort out the CSS
> Or see what you can do to improve Y, who wants to look at Z.
> With that, you are saying, we 'need' this doing, it would benefit
> The project immensely and it is something worth doing.

Thanks Gav, that kind of feedback is really useful. I've always felt it 
is best to give people free reign and let them find their own way. Your 
comments above illustrate that this is not necessarily the best 
approach. I will modify my "welcoming" of new devs accordingly.

That is, instead of "do what you want", I will point at the roadmap and 
say these are the most important issues we need to solve, but if you 
have your own priorities you are free to scratch your own itch."


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