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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [ANN] odt plugin
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:58:14 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>>David Crossley wrote:
>>>Heads up. An alarm bell was triggered by the
>>>word "OASIS". Please ensure that ASF ideals are met.
>>Hi David,
>>I found this in the list. Is this good enough for us?
> Don't ask me. As i suggested, contact legal-discuss@
> (any committer can post).
> We don't want to spread any FUD here on forrest-dev
> so best go there with direct questions.
> The proponents of this ODT plugin would need to determine
> how we might be affected, do we need to redistribute
> any of their resources, are we "implementing" the standard,
> etc.

For reference. I have already had an official response from 
legal-discuss@a.o regarding the inclusion of binaries from OOo (which 
will be required if we use the OOo as a server method of reading the 
files - this is technical - no need for details in this thread). We 
cannot include OOo binaries in an ASF project.

I do not have an official answer with respect to the implementation of 
the  odt standards. If we can implement them, we need to check that we 
can also bundle the DTD's. In the original OOo plugin I did not bundle 
them because the situation was clearer (it was sun licensed then), but 
if we are able to bundle them it would be better. This still needs to be 
checked with legal-discuss@a.o


[leaving the useful links from Davids mail so we don't lose them]

> Search legal-discuss first, for example i just did a
> quick search and found these:
> I know that they are talking about "RF on RAND Terms"
> but section 10.2.1 also affects "RF on Limited Terms".
> The whole thread is useful.
> I note that Cliff's draft policy doesn't even mention OASIS.


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