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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-492) Inconsistent Line Endings in generated sites
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 01:12:37 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
>>From: Ross Gardler
>>>David Crossley (JIRA) wrote:
>>>>Thanks. I am on UNIX and can see the problem line-endings in your
>>>>Windows-generated attachment, e.g. at lines 38 and 39 ...
>>>>     35 </head>^M$
>>>>     36 <body>^M$
>>>>     37 <div id="container">^M$
>>>>     38 <!--+$
>>>>     39     | start breadtrail$
>>>>     40     +-->^M$
>>>>     41 <div class="breadtrail">^M$
>>>I already did a thorought analysis oif this problem - see the linked
>>>messages. The above highlights the problem - it is *only* in the
>>>comments that are the problem. This is confirmed in the Xalan issue this
>>>one depends on.
>>Yes, I guess David wanted another confirmation from another Windows user.
> Ross' Description of FOR-492 is back-to-front in its
> explanation of line-endings. Hence my request on 04/Mar
> for an explicit example. We need to change that Description.

Ahhh... now I understand the confusion. Sorry.

>>Anyway, seeing as the XALANJ-656 issue has not been updated since January,
>>has Anyone tried your suggestion of using FixCRLF in Ant ?
>>Do you want me to try it on my system?
> I don't see how that will work, as it would just
> mangle the rest of the line-endings for Windows users.

It is possible to force all line endings to be the same. SVN will then 
do the rest. The problem is, if I understand it correctly, the 
inconsitent line endings confuse SVN. Consistent line endings can be 
handled correctly.

I used this technique somewhere in the plugin system (can't remember 
where now).


> It would be better to follow up on the XALAN issue.
> I have wanted to for a long time but i couldn't get
> anyone to comment on my FOR-492 query. Now we can
> point them to further information.

Yes, we should really address the root cause. That is why I never 
implemented the Ant workaround, and I guess why others have not done so.

It really should be something simple. It's just a case of finding the 
time to find the relevant part in the Xalan code. However, since it is 
hitting more and more people perhaps we should put a well commented 
workaround in place.

(in other words, Gav it would be worth the experiment if you want to do 
that rather than dig into Xalan)


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