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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest site generates content above build/site
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 19:57:38 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Don't use relative paths would be my first thought. Forrest is designed
>>to not need them since relative paths break easily when a file is moved.
>>However, I'm guessing that this is legacy content being imported and so
>>you don't have such control.
> Thanks.
> It is actually new html-content. I guess what you are suggesting is to
> use references like /images/bla/imagexyz and create an entry in my
> project sitemap to automatically rewrite /images/-references to point
> to the correct directory. Which would work but I simply didn't
> understand it when I doing this project :-)

Yes, but put it in the locationmap not the sitemap. It's more robust.

(OK I read on and see you are 0.7 not 0.8-dev - you will have to do it 
in the sitemap then)

>>The "semi-intelligent" approach you describe is the fallback mechanism
>>that Forrest uses when resources cannot be found where they are 
>>expected. This is defined in the locationmap [1] :
>>     <match pattern="project.images.**.*">
>>       <select>
>>         <location src="{project:resources.images}{1}.{2}" />
>>         <location
>>src="{project:content}../resources/images/{1}.{2}" />
>>         <location src="{project:content.xdocs}images/{1}.{2}" />
>>         <location src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}.{2}" />
>>       </select>
>>     </match>
> Wait, this is Forrest 0.7. So no location maps to blame for it.

Ah sorry. However, the point still stands. The locationmap only collates 
all the possible locations that are in the resources.xmap in 0.7. The 
implementation is different, but the problem description is the same.

> And I'm not looking for a solution that I could implement (see above),
> I'm just worried about Forrest creating havoc on some unsuspecting
> users hard disk.

This has never come up on the users lists before (at least not to my 
knowledge). I'm not sure of how we can avoid this.


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