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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] merge scales skin with pelt
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 13:15:54 GMT
I just realized that there is a thread on user@f.a.o about this:

Seems that I'm not the only one getting into trouble ;-)


Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> About skins (maybe a little Off-Topic):
> I tried yesterday to pass the id-attribute from sdocbook
> sections to HTML: it was a nightmare!
> 1. Sections get matched and converted in the sdocbook-plugin, OK.
> 2. They get matched and converted in skins/common/.../document2html.xsl
> 3. They get matched and converted in skins/pelt/.../document2html.xsl
>    (this overrides the match in common)
> 4. They get matched and converted in skinks/pelt/.../site2xhtml.xsl (huh?)
>    But --surprise!-- nat as section but as
>      div[@class = 'skinconf-heading-1'] (or -2)
>    where the value of the contained <h2> is put into a <h3> tag.
>    The @id attribute gets ignored.
>    (Forget about 5-10 because we have customized skins as well.)
> I was about to ask if this problem gets obsolete with dispatcher
> (which could make me move) or if it would be wise to try and
> invest into improving skins.
> David, if you touch any skin, please, pay attention that these
>   common attributes (id, class, ...) get passed on properly.
> Ferdinand, how does your "new" skin handle this?
> All, what does plain-dev do?
>   It seems not to be complete, e.g. there's no menu in the output.
> I am dreaming of a plain, div-based skin that I can style with CSS
> according to customer requirements. Extra-CSS has a lot of potential
> already ;-)
> Cheers
> Johannes
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Something that i have been meaning to ask for ages.
>>> Is there anything stopping me merging the functionality
>>> provided by the "scales" skin into "pelt"?
>>> Of course there will be back-compatibility
>>> for use of the old name "scales".
>>> I really don't want us to need to support another
>>> skin. Our docs say that we only do pelt.
>>> If no reason not to, then if no-one else beats
>>> me to it, it will do that soon.
>> If I recall correctly, Ferdinand used a separate skin because of some
>> concerns about backward compatability. I cannot remember what these
>> concerns were (even though I think they were mine), or if they have been
>> addressed in the scales work.
>> If there are no such issues then i certainly don't object to a merge.
>> Ross

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