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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] merge scales skin with pelt
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 13:10:58 GMT
About skins (maybe a little Off-Topic):

I tried yesterday to pass the id-attribute from sdocbook
sections to HTML: it was a nightmare!

1. Sections get matched and converted in the sdocbook-plugin, OK.
2. They get matched and converted in skins/common/.../document2html.xsl
3. They get matched and converted in skins/pelt/.../document2html.xsl
   (this overrides the match in common)
4. They get matched and converted in skinks/pelt/.../site2xhtml.xsl (huh?)
   But --surprise!-- nat as section but as
     div[@class = 'skinconf-heading-1'] (or -2)
   where the value of the contained <h2> is put into a <h3> tag.
   The @id attribute gets ignored.

   (Forget about 5-10 because we have customized skins as well.)

I was about to ask if this problem gets obsolete with dispatcher
(which could make me move) or if it would be wise to try and
invest into improving skins.

David, if you touch any skin, please, pay attention that these
  common attributes (id, class, ...) get passed on properly.

Ferdinand, how does your "new" skin handle this?

All, what does plain-dev do?
  It seems not to be complete, e.g. there's no menu in the output.

I am dreaming of a plain, div-based skin that I can style with CSS
according to customer requirements. Extra-CSS has a lot of potential
already ;-)


Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Something that i have been meaning to ask for ages.
>> Is there anything stopping me merging the functionality
>> provided by the "scales" skin into "pelt"?
>> Of course there will be back-compatibility
>> for use of the old name "scales".
>> I really don't want us to need to support another
>> skin. Our docs say that we only do pelt.
>> If no reason not to, then if no-one else beats
>> me to it, it will do that soon.
> If I recall correctly, Ferdinand used a separate skin because of some
> concerns about backward compatability. I cannot remember what these
> concerns were (even though I think they were mine), or if they have been
> addressed in the scales work.
> If there are no such issues then i certainly don't object to a merge.
> Ross

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