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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (FOR-639) define terminology for the various aspects of Dispatcher
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 00:45:04 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> > From: David Crossley (JIRA) []
> > 
> > There were validation problems with glossary.xml file. These issues were
> > noted as Todo items in the glossary plugin's status.xml file. I made a
> > quick workaround to the glosarry DTD (see svn r393691) to enable multiple
> > "see" and "definition" elements. Don't know if the xml needs better
> > structure, e.g. <definitions><definition><definition>
> Up to you, I don't see that it matters, now that <definition> can be
> declared multiple times as a child of item, that is fine. I guess there is
> going to be more often than not, more than one definition of an item.
> For clarity, and to match what you have done with notes, we can add a parent
> <definitions> .

Not up to me. If someone wants changes then they
can provide a patch. I was just stating that i
was taking the easy way out.

I could not commit your patch until i had fixed the
validation errors. It broke site-author generation.

We need to improve the glossary sample in the plugin
so that it triggers all possible validation errors.

> > Regarding the patch for  glossary-to-document.xsl ... Wouldn't it be
> > better to use CSS rather than td@width? Anyway we should address that as a
> > separate general issue.
> Yes I can do that, where would the glossary.css file o, in the /stylesheets/
> directory ?

Please look to the FAQ for common questions.
=> Find in page: css

I have not tried it with plugins.

Remember that we don't know all the answers.
We just explore first, then ask questions.


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