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From David Crossley <>
Subject Discussion links to archives
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 01:38:18 GMT
We have so many important and useful email discussions.
Many of these work out issues or define new techniques
or describe something that should be added to the
documentation so that we can easily refer to it later.

However we are all so busy that we don't manage to
follow up. Such gems become hidden in mail archives.

Then we get trouble because the issues arise again.
We tend to forget, or cannot find, the previous
discussion. We are destined to repeat it.

Sure we can search via Google, and directly at favourite
archives, and we can search local archives with powerful
tools like Mairix. (BTW,

However to search effectively does take time and we
need to know some clues like: when, what, who.

I wonder if Jira can help with this, so to experiment
added a new Component: "Discussion links to archives".
Use multiple Components, i.e. add the relevant Plugin
Component too.

I thought it good to have a special Component because
that assists the powerful Jira search/browse. It also
enables viewing current and past issues at a glance.
Closed past issues are still relevant to find detail
and reasons. It could also be a useful tool for
recording past consensus or votes.

It does take time for someone to do this, but there
is huge benefit by giving other people a starting point.

This is not just for committers, any developer can assist.

I don't expect that this will ever be thorough or replace
the need to search the archives, but it should help.
Anyway lets try, if it doesn't work then we can dump it.


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