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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject dispatcher and linkmap.html
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 04:33:55 GMT
Once again I have time use forrest.  I would like to
create sites that don't look like they've been built
from forrest.

The next generation of skinning (ie., dispatcher)
looks perfect for that.

My goals are to work through a completely custom
layout, and then write up how I approached the design
and construction of that layout.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get a dispatcher site
to work.

I've read the following thread in the mailing list:

I actually did the following in an attempt to get the
dispatcher to work.

1) Checked out revision 390377 in a separate directory
2) Changed %FORREST_HOME% to that directory
3) cd to %FORREST_HOME\main
4) build
5) cd to
6) %FORREST_HOME\tools\ant\bin\ant local-deploy
7) cd
8) %FORREST_HOME\tools\ant\bin\ant local-deploy
9) cd ..\org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.dispatcher
10) %FORREST_HOME\tools\ant\bin\ant local-deploy

I made a new directory, did a forrest seed, and then
added the appropriate plugins to the
project.required.plugins line.

I got the same error as in the thread:

X [0] linkmap.html BROKEN: Could not resolve
locationmap location.

I tried the same steps with revision 393034 and ran
into the same error.

I tried a forrest run (revision 393034) and received
an internal server error.

I looked at the logs, and here are some of the lines:

WARN    [core.modules.mapper.lm] 
        Locationmap did not return a location for hint

WARN    [core.modules.mapper.lm] 
        Error reading from source 
        Could not resolve locationmap location.
WARN    [core.modules.mapper.lm] 
        Locationmap did not return a location for hint


org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Failed to 
        process pipeline
	at <map:serialize type="xhtml"> - 
	at <map:transform> - 
	at <map:transform type="dispatcher"> - 
	at <map:generate type="jx"> -
	at <map:mount> -
	at <map:mount> -

I probably don't understand the cocoon xmaps in enough
detail to help decipher the problem.  I'll continue to
study it however.

Thoughts on the problem?

I am running this on Windows/2000 Professional and jdk


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