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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Improving Forrest/ integration
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2006 04:12:50 GMT
On Apr 5, 2006, at 3:02 AM, Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> El mié, 05-04-2006 a las 09:50 +0100, Ross Gardler escribió:
>> Web Maestro Clay wrote:
>>> I took a look at that, and it looks interesting. However, I think  
>>> the
>>> Lenya OpenDocument module looks like a better route to go (do  
>>> you  agree?).
>> Never looked at it, but it has received more attention, so it  
>> would not
>> surprise me if it is a better approach.

The primary thing that attracted me to it, was that IIRC, the current  
Forrest OOo plugin is not as optimized in its transformation of SXW  
documents as some of Cocoon's newer ODT functionality[1]. I don't  
have a 'net connection ATM, so I can't 'look', but I believe it  
discussed newer serializers for reading files, which I don't believe  
are being utilized by the current OOo plugin.

> I worked on the lenya opendocument module not so long ago. I will be
> happy to assist to convert the module to a lenya module *and* forrest
> plugin (at the same time) if lenya-devs are happy with that.

Great news!

>>> I've checked out this code from Lenya, and will take a look at how I
>>> can 'convert' to forrest. My first step will be to essentially  
>>> search  &
>>> replace for 'lenya' and replace with 'forrest'.
>> Lets try not to cut and paste. We are lucky enough to have a  
>> couple of
>> Lenya devs here, perhaps they can make a suggestion. I'm thinking  
>> of a
>> Cocoon block that both projects can make use of.
>> (WARNING: I have not even looked at the Lenya code for this, so I  
>> may be
>> sending us down a dead end - use your own judgment)
> No, Ross you are right, thanks for pointing it out. I am unsure about
> the block thing because I never had he time to look closer on that,  
> but
> even without to convert it to a block one can pretty fast EXTEND the
> module to be used in forrest as plugin as well.

Sounds great to me. I'll do what I can to help. One thing that's  
never been clear to me, is whether or not .odt correlates just to  
OOo's 'Writer' (.sxw) only, or if it's also for Spreadsheets,  
Presentation files, etc.

>>> I'll also try to  make
>>> it match the Forrest plugin nomenclature and infrastructure as   
>>> closely
>>> as possible (pathnames, and class names, etc.).
>> If we need to cut and paste then we may as well do this too.  
>> However, if
>> it is possible for us to build block from the Lenya code base,  
>> without
>> bringing loads of extra stuff we don't need, that would be better.

I'll wait then.

>>> Of course,  it's
>>> possible I'll do more harm than good, but we'll see how it goes...
>> Fortune favours the brave, Good luck ;-)
> I will try to make some changes and commit them to lenya so that  
> forrest
> can use the lenya module directly without copy and paste.
> Further I just assigned
> to myself  
> and will
> incooperate the xsl (now that it is as well Apache 2 license thanks  
> to David Eisenberg,
> who changed the license after Renaud Richardet asked for it - *big*  
> thanks to both).
> Basicly we need to extract all xsl code into helper stylesheet to  
> reuse
> them for lenya (who needs a special trigger element) and forrest (who
> needs xdocs). Further lenya and the stylesheet from
> are  
> converting odt
> to xhtml, so we need to convert after this to xdocs.

Let me know what 'I' can to do to help. I already downloaded the  
Lenya OpenDocument plugin^H^H^H^H^H Module. I haven't played with  
Lenya too much, yet though.

The great thing, is that the client will likely get a content  
management system (in addition to a documentation system based on  
OpenDocument). One thing the client needs, though--and this may be a  
little off-topic--is a self-contained version of the document, which  
does not require an internet connection (the build/site/ content I  
would get if I ran `forrest`).

> Clay, you may as well be interested in
> anonymous:anonymous
> Where the xsl is already incooperated since the current one in  
> lenya is
> very limited regarding style.
> Thanks Clay to try lenya and I am more then glad to point you to
> where we started to have lenya and forrest working side by side. So  
> far
> me and David Crossley are the only one that have committed so far  
> so do
> not expect a big thing yet, but like always help welcome. ;)

I am eager to contribute what I can. But at present (aside from  
joining the Lenya mailing list, and downloading the Lenya  
OpenDocument Module, I don't know what to do. I'll study this[2] and  
the XSL code for extracting the data stylesheets (see above where I  
grabbed [2] from), and see if I get any ideas.

> BTW Clay since IMO we should do the work over in lenya you may want to
> submit your patches regarding the odt module to lenya bugzilla. Then
> more lenya devs can help.

Will do. Grazie mille (thanks a million!) again for your help!

> salu2
> -- 
> Thorsten Scherler
> COO Spain
> Wyona Inc.  -  Open Source Content Management  -  Apache Lenya



Clay Leeds

My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.
-- HH Dalai Lama of Tibet

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