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From "Paul Bolger" <>
Subject Re: Modifying plugin
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 03:36:07 GMT
> It would be great if you could provide a patch or this. The advantage is
> that you will not have to keep your OOo plugin in synch with the one we
> release and, of course, we all get the benefit of your work.

I've made a patch, but can't see the option appearing in in a new seed. Wondering whether I've been
modifying the wrong instance of the plugin. Should it be the one i the
plugins dir?

I also notice, on a slightly different subject, that data loss can
occur with the OOo plugin: If your source doc contains headings deeper
than h5 they are skipped in the output.

Obviously this is not nice... My XSLT isn't good enough to fix this,
but a good thing to do at the moment might to put a warning in the

Next question: Where are the docs for this plugin?

The link from 0.8 dev is broken

So's the one from 0.7

I don't mind fixing them, but need to know where the previous ones (if
they exist) are.

I've found


But it's really not very informative about the working of the plugin.

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