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From "Paul Bolger" <>
Subject Re: Modifying plugin
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 13:37:55 GMT
> You have two options right now, create a new plugin as you have done or
> parameterise the existing plugin behaviour. The best way to do it would
> be to parameterise the things you think need to change and commit the
> changes back to Forrest. My reasoning is that since you need it to work
> one way, and someone else needs it to work another way we need this to
> be an option.

Yep: easy to hack it till it works, but it doesn't add to the
usefulness of the app.

 > However, looking at your comments some of your changes may be better
> made in the core without parameterisation, and you are doing the right
> thing by asking about them here.
> Firstly, the warning about heading hierarchy. This warning is there for
> a reason, in some cases information may be lost if the hierarchy is not
> correct. You need to be very careful if turning it off. However, your
> point is valid and this should really be parameterised, more on this below.

Point taken. I'd be interested to know when this would cause
information loss: obviously no one wants that... For my purpose
though, my clients would find this warning disturbing :) - better to
have it switchable so I can use it for debugging, then turn it off for
public consumption.

> Your point about an "arrow graphic" confuses me. I have never seen this,
> so it is a specific use in your case. Certainly, the samples, such as
> [1], do not exhibit this behaviour. It would be best for us to figure
> out why this is happening and improve the stylesheets to prevent it
> happening when not expected, as in your case. Can you post the code
> snippet you needed to change for this.

the relevant line out of the stylesheet (pelt.screen.css) is

p.instruction {
  display: list-item;
  list-style-image: url('../themes/images/instruction_arrow.png');
  list-style-position: outside;
  margin-left: 2em;



the code was

      | Instructional step
  <xsl:template match="text:p[@text:style-name='P2']">
    <p class="instruction">

- right at the end of the stylesheet

beats me why it's being triggered by this specific document. The doc
in question originated in MS Word and was translated to sxw by OO 2.0,
and the problem happened across a few docs I was referencing.

> Now, back to parameterisation.

OK, I'll give it a go.

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