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From "Paul Bolger" <>
Subject Modifying plugin
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 04:46:49 GMT
I've been building a site with the Dispatcher, using the Open Office
plugin to translate documents to Forrest internal document format. I
found that I had to make a couple of minor modifications to the plugin
- turned off the warning that the heading hierarchy is wrong (the
documents are supplied by others and I'm doing this to save myself
time - I can try and convince the clients that the documents will look
better if they structure them correctly, but I'm not going to fix
their mistakes for them.) I also turned off the class which puts an
arrow graphic at the start of each line, for some reason the plugin
thinks every line deserves an arrow...
Anyhow, to prevent my modifications from being overwritten by
Subversion I copied the plugin, renamed the copy, searched the new
directories for any mention of the old plugin name, and then changed to the new plugin name. Works fine.
My question is: is there a less clunky way of modifying a plugin, or
is what I did the best way?

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