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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: site.xml and tabs.xml
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:28:38 GMT

Paul Bolger wrote:

> How does one control which of the menus in nav-section will be open
> when the tab is first selected? Been through the docs and recent list
> discussion on this and can't see it, my apologies if it's been there
> all along.

(Assuming that there are no changes in the new skinning mechanism), have
a look at my recent posting "Re: Inconsistent tab/menu behavior"
in the user list.

In short:

When a tab is first selected Forrest will on fact open the file that
you've named as the index file for that tab in tabs.xml and display
a menu as open that contains a reference to that file in site.xml.

Looking at your tabs.xml I see that

<tab id="outclients" label="Outclients" dir="management/outclients/">
<tab id="subtab" label="subtab" dir="management/outclients/oldshit" />

so your indexfilename would be automatically named
management/outclients/index.html. Forrest would open that file and
- if it existed - try to match it with a reference in site.xml.

However, when I look at your site.xml I see

<index label="Test" href="index.html"/>

as a reference in your outclients part of the menu.

Unfortunately you have not labeled that reference-link which means
that Forrest will consider it to be hidden and never show it on the menu.

Which in turn means that Forrest will not show that file in context
of a menu when it is opened by clicking that tab. Which is why all
menus are closed.

In other words: you must habe a visible link in site.xml to see a file in
context. Labeling that link should imho do the trick.

-- Ferdinand Soethe

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