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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Re: active committers (Was: [RT] structurer location and resource types)
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 02:24:07 GMT
On 3/24/06, David Crossley <> wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Ross Gardler wrote:
> > > Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> > > >
> > > >Yes and I wish that our who.html would reflect the reality of active
> > > >committer and not listing people as active that have not done a single
> > > >commit/mail since years.

My initial reaction to this is 'who cares?'  I only see one person
listed that fit your description.  If this is your itch you should
feel free to scratch it under a lazy-approval.

> > > You are a committer, you know what to do. Of course, I should also lend
> > > a hand, as should everyone else, but we all do what we can and nobody
> > > else is airing this complaint. The buck stops with you I'm afraid.
> >
> > Anyone on the PMC can review the activity (remember
> > that email discussion counts) and suggest to those
> > committers that we vary who.html

To keep it objective, we should add some criteria (see below).

> > Otherwise people can see the svn@ mailing list
> > archives and the changes.html (which i try to
> > keep published often). Perhaps we should link to
> > those from the bottom of who.html page.

I reckon if this was a strong enough itch for someone then it would be
easy enough to adapt the Developer Activity Report from maven for our
purposes.  Of course, that would only give one perspective of all of
the "contributions" we consider valueable.

> How about adding a section called
> "Occasionally Active Committers" or some such?

-1, too subjective.  I think we can do two things that'll fairly
unambiguously clear things up.

1) Add to the "who" page that folks listed as "Active Committers" are
those committers who have contributed (code, docs, community) in the
last 12 months.  They are automatically moved to the "Inactive
Committers" list based on that criteria.  They are, however, welcome
to return to active duty at any time and should reannounce themselves
by committing a change listing them as active.

2) Whoever cares about this should periodically review contributions
and under the same lazy approval of every other code change [and based
on the 12 month rule], should change/committ who.xml - the committer
in question will correct you if you're wrong.


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