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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: planning the 0.8 release (Was: [RT] structurer location and resource types)
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 08:01:37 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ross Gardler" <>
> To: <>
>>>> What are the improvements to Forrest other than dispatcher
>>>> that warrant there being a 0.8 release ?
>>> Lets make a dotpoint list here in email.
>> For my take on this see the (yawn) 0.8 roadmap. I'm not about to do it 
>> all again - others can add/remove as they see fit. I'll re-emerge when 
>> the discussion dies down and a vote is called.
> Sorry, what I meant by that, is what improvements have already been made
> to warrant a 0.8 release.

Yes, you are right. My comment was not intended to discourage you or 
anyone else from having a discussion. It was intended to indicate that I 
have already made my contribution to that discussion. Please keep up the 
great work you are doing in this thread.

What we need to do is *finish* the improvements so we can release. That 
is what my roadmap in Jira is intended to help us manage.

> Ok, so there are 41 Issues that need clearing up, then we can release 
> 0.8 yes ?

That is my opinion, yes. Others need to look over the list and 
add/remove as necessary (after suitable discussion where necessary).

> Looking at the first on the list , FOR-591, this is a Cocoon Issue 
> (Cocoon-1574) and they are working on it, however the last comment was 
> two months ago now. I have just added a comment to see how they are 
> getting on, if no near time frame for resolving it then maybe this will 
> have to be put back to a 0.9 release.#

It's a critical issue, can we afford to demote it? I don't think so, 
having a memory leak is a pretty major thing in a production environment.

> The next on the list, FOR-713, html-to-document no longer converts to 
> XDoc. Was wondering if any conversions have been missed, perhaps 
> references to html2document still exist in the processing, they do 
> certainly in the docs, I will patch the docs.

No it is a problem with some changes to the XSL that have been made in 
this iteration.

> Hmm, thinking about it before I carry on, I really should be adding 
> these notes to the issues themselves.

It's often easier to discuss here and link to the thread from JIRA, but 
please keep it to one issue per thread.


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