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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: planning the 0.8 release (Was: [RT] structurer location and resource types)
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 03:53:47 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> I am pulling the bits out of this RT that concern the
> release. Please add more from the other replies.
> This thread can identify what needs to be done.
> Out of it we can develop a release plan which
> defines a realistic target date. Voting on that
> plan is necessary and has the advantage of drawing
> attention to getting ready for the release.
> Gav.... wrote:
>>Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>>David Crossley escribi??:
>>>>Please don't take my comments below the wrong way.
>>>>I seek the best for the project.
>>>>I know that this is a Random Thought thread but
>>>>there seem to be some design and direction things
>>>>which should break out into separate discussions.
> People, please do this for other topics from that RT.
> I am going away from the weekend so cannot do more.
> We need to be able to focus ourselves and refer to
> certain discussion. Otherwise we go in circles.
>>>>Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>>>>Ross Gardler escribi??:
>>>>>Regarding backward compatible in general for views/dispatcher/... we
>>>>>said that we do not care about it.
>>>>Did we decide on a plan for removing those old
>>>>plugins and docs before releasing 0.8?
>>>No, we have a couple of issues though:
>>>It is nearly finished, but help is *very* welcome.
>>If you give me an example of what needs changing I will have a go over the 
>>>>At some stage soon we do need to worry about
>>>>backwards compatibility.
>>>>I would like us to get moving on solving the
>>>>general issues for the release, not just the
>>>>dispatcher ones. We are dragging on too long.
>>>What are the general issues? Why do you think *we* are only focusing on
>>>dispatcher ones?
>>Dispatcher is moving along quickly, and so I guess is receiving a lot of 
>>at the moment, which is good. I do think though that other issues are 
>>taking a
>>back seat at the moment. I for one have been focusing my attentions on 
>>dispatcher working on my system, trying to find things I could contribute 
>>to it,
>>this has the impact of me not looking at Jira for other issues that need 
> Well said Gav. This is what i meant by my comments.
> None of us are even bothering to categorise the issues
> in Jira, so that we know what needs to be done for the
> release. Every ForrestFriday we say that we will do it
> but we don't.

This is not quite true. We are making good progress on using Jira better.

I've put in loads of effort to keep the locationmap work well defined in 
Jira. I've also done lots of work on trying to define what will be in 
the 0.8 release (after discussion and agreement on list, but no vote).

Similarly, Thorsten has begun to make considerable use of JIRA with the 
work required on Dispatcher.

Many of us are starting to remember to put issue numbers in commit messages.

There is room for improvement, but I think we are certainly going in the 
right direction.

> Attention is being drawn away from the release.
> It is a natural thing for the exciting new development
> to cause that. We need to balance that urge with
> needing to get the release out the door.

Yes, I nearly fell over when someone else committed something on the 0.8 
roadmap today (thanks again).

Having said that, people should be free to work where they need to work, 
my comment above is not intended to point fingers - I've not found much 
time for Forrest code recently ([OT] I do have some cool new plugins 
"coming soon" - most notably an OSCommerce input plugin - really handy 
for printed catalogues - now if only the dispatcher could product PDF... ).

> My comment was meant to say: lets take a breath, pause,
> tidy up, and get the release out ASAP.

+1, especally to the "tidy up" part. Forrest is getting to be a real 
mess with far too many unfinished parts. See the 0.8 roadmap in Jira, in 
this roadmap I have tried to pull together those lose ends.

>>So lets talk about it, I guess we need to filter Jira for what IS holding up
>>a 0.8 release and go through them. Perhaps the next Forrest Friday should
>>focus on this.
> Yes. Again. I put a helluva lot of effort in
> to implement our discussion about adding a
> new category to jira so that we can classify
> issues properly and get a rough idea about what
> is needed for the release:

How many times can I repeat myself in one mail:

This roadmap was done before the urgency field was added, and I confess 
I have not been through the whole thing again to add this field 
information. I don't actually think there is a need to since I moved all 
of the none core stuff out of the 0.8 release. Plugins can have 
different release cycles (at least they can if we tidy of the versioned 
plugins system - which is in the 0.8 roadmap). The urgency field is only 
really important when plugins are thrown into the mix.

>>What are the improvements to Forrest other than dispatcher
>>that warrant there being a 0.8 release ?
> Lets make a dotpoint list here in email.

For my take on this see the (yawn) 0.8 roadmap. I'm not about to do it 
all again - others can add/remove as they see fit. I'll re-emerge when 
the discussion dies down and a vote is called.

> We could do a 0.7.1 release from the branch.
> However it would be better to release 0.8 which
> includes all those fixes and much more.

+1 to a 0.8 release when stuff is done
-0 to a 0.7.1 release

>>Should Dispatcher, although as you suggest, not part of the 0.8 release 
>>and not holding up a 0.8 release, be moved from Whiteboard into core/plugin 
>>the same time, now, or after ?
> Anytime. However it takes someone to research the
> side-effects, make a proposal, co-ordinate it.
> My current opinion is that it should happen after
> the release. Lets explore that topic in a separate
> thread.

That was the original plan: get 0.8 out, then do the integration work 
for Dispatcher and get 0.9 out. 0.9 would also include the new 
properties system, which is required by the dispatcher.

Of course, if dispatcher remains a plugin, it can be released at any time.

>>What are the incentives for users to upgrade to 0.8 from 0.7 ?
> See the need for release notes above.

One more time....

and the 0.8 roadmap in Jira ;-)


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