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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Modifying plugin
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 20:58:49 GMT
Paul Bolger wrote:
>>It would be great if you could provide a patch or this. The advantage is
>>that you will not have to keep your OOo plugin in synch with the one we
>>release and, of course, we all get the benefit of your work.
> I've made a patch, but can't see the option appearing in
> in a new seed. Wondering whether I've been
> modifying the wrong instance of the plugin. Should it be the one i the
> plugins dir?

I'm not following your question here. I never said anything about, I described a new property system that uses XML 
files for properties ( and Can you describe exactly what you mean?

With respect to which plugin to modify. The best process is:

- edit the src in the plugins dir
- do ant local-deploy

In this case you need to restart forrest as the new properties system 
does not currently support dynamic reloading.

(ASIDE: We have issues to remove the need to do the local-deploy and to 
dynamically reload properties, but they are not implemented yet.)

> I also notice, on a slightly different subject, that data loss can
> occur with the OOo plugin: If your source doc contains headings deeper
> than h5 they are skipped in the output.
> Obviously this is not nice... My XSLT isn't good enough to fix this,
> but a good thing to do at the moment might to put a warning in the
> docs.

And to raise an issue to remind us to fix it. Can you send us a patch 
for the docs and apply it to said issue?

> Next question: Where are the docs for this plugin?

All plugin docs are in the plugins src directory, e.g.


They are just a normal Forrest project.

> The link from 0.8 dev is broken
> So's the one from 0.7

Yes, see the recent thread on this issue, its a problem of versioned 
plugins. We *must* fix this...

> I don't mind fixing them, but need to know where the previous ones (if
> they exist) are.

They are generated from the plugins.xml file, so it is not a simple case 
of editing a doc. See for a 
n issue for tracking this (and related issues).

> I've found
> plugins\\src\documentation\content\xdocs\samples\openoffice-writer-howto.sxw
> But it's really not very informative about the working of the plugin.

That's about it I'm afraid. The code is our only other documentation ;-) 
See the input.xmap file which will show you how it works (and ask 
questions of course - I'll be online on and off during Forrest Friday if 
you want to have a chat to understand things).


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