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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Modifying plugin
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 17:36:12 GMT
Paul Bolger wrote:
>>Firstly, the warning about heading hierarchy. This warning is there for
>>a reason, in some cases information may be lost if the hierarchy is not
>>correct. You need to be very careful if turning it off. However, your
>>point is valid and this should really be parameterised, more on this below.
> Point taken. I'd be interested to know when this would cause
> information loss: obviously no one wants that... 

"Information loss" is not very accurate, I should have said something 
like "unpredictable behaviour". Here's just one example of such 
unpredictable behaviour:

Consider a TOC built within OOo. It includes all headings of level 1 or 
2. If you go from level 1 heading to level 3 heading this will be OK, 
but in Forrest how is this handled? Does it convert

Heading 1
blah blah
Heading 3
blah blah


   <title>Heading 1</title>
   <p>blah blah</p>
     <title>Heading 3</title>
     <p>blah blah</p>

or to

   <title>Heading 1</title>
   <p>blah blah</p>
       <title>Heading 3</title>
       <p>blah blah</p>

The former will result in heading 3 being in the TOC (which is 
unintended), the latter will result in yet more unpredictable behaviour 
since some output formats are incapable of representing sections with no 
title (such as HTML and XHTML1, but not XHTML2)

>>Your point about an "arrow graphic" confuses me. I have never seen this,
>>so it is a specific use in your case. Certainly, the samples, such as
>>[1], do not exhibit this behaviour. It would be best for us to figure
>>out why this is happening and improve the stylesheets to prevent it
>>happening when not expected, as in your case. Can you post the code
>>snippet you needed to change for this.
> the relevant line out of the stylesheet (pelt.screen.css) is
> p.instruction {
>   display: list-item;
>   list-style-image: url('../themes/images/instruction_arrow.png');
>   list-style-position: outside;
>   margin-left: 2em;
> }

OK so the graphic is inserted by the stylesheet, not the OOo. But why is 
your text being marked as an instruction...

> in
> openoffice-writer-to-forrest.xsl
> the code was
> <!--+
>       | Instructional step
>       +-->
>   <xsl:template match="text:p[@text:style-name='P2']">
>     <p class="instruction">
>       <xsl:apply-templates/>
>     </p>
>   </xsl:template>
> </xsl:stylesheet>


P2 is defined in the SXW How-To template as an instruction. This is 
clumsy, it should be a named style not an OOo defiend style (which is 
P2). We need to change the How-To template document to provide a named 
style for this and leave the OOo defined style names unnafected by the 
OOo stylesheet since we have no control over how they are defined.

> beats me why it's being triggered by this specific document. The doc
> in question originated in MS Word and was translated to sxw by OO 2.0,
> and the problem happened across a few docs I was referencing.

Just coincindence that some internal MS style has been converted to "P2" 
in the OOo docs. The above should fix this.


That's a problem with the

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