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From David Crossley <>
Subject better committer IDs for changes.html (Was: Community health)
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 01:09:46 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Gav.... wrote:
> >
> >Second point (hmm, so all the above is just one point!) , how about 
> >their being hyperlinks to Contributors/Committers sites within the 
> >changes document. Seeing a load of [TS] [RDG] [DC] etc all over the 
> >place is hardly informing to the outsider.
> I am of the opinon that who applies what change is irrelevant. However, 
> I have no objection to such links if others want them.

It is reasonably clear from the bottom of
the changes page who is who. Perhaps we need
a link to this section from the top of the page.
and at

Regarding the initials of each committer, i was
wondering about this aspect while doing those
recent guidelines.

Long ago Nicola Ken suggested that we should
use committer IDs rather than initials, e.g.
"diwaker" rather than "DG". This would help
immensely with the issue that Gav raised.

Cannot find all the past email yet, but here is one:
Cannot yet find what Nicola Ken means in that
message when he said it was tried once before
and reverted. There must have been a reason (perhaps
just because it was only partially implemented).

                   -- oOo --

Regarding the suggestion about links to
Contributors/Committers home pages ...

We cannot do so for "Contributors" because
we don't know all their pages and it would
be too much overhead to list everyone and we
would need to leave some out. Messy.

For "Committers" we could just suggest that
they add their own links to [2] if they want to.

This is similar to the ASF members page [3]
where some choose to link themselves, others don't.
It is up to each member what they do.


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