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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (FOR-837) ForrestBar 0.7 will not install on FF
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 23:06:12 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> > Addi wrote:
> > >The packaged 0.7 xpi that I attached to the JIRA issue worked.  I have
> > >it installed on my right now.  I don't know where it went in the
> > >midst of all this but it was not as simple as changing the rdf file to
> > >the higher version number to get it working properly.  I actually copied
> > >over the 0.8 files and removed the 0.8 stuff from it to get it working.
> As i said in the issue comments, i didn't use 
> your patch.
> You didn't tell any of this stuff in the issue 
> description. I just assumed that all you had done
> was to rebuild from the 0.7 branch/release. 
> We cannot deliver a binary without delivering 
> the source too.
> > FOR-836 has the built XPI
> > 
> > FOR-837 has the patches. I've not looked at these, but if they remove
> > the 9.8-dev specific stuff as you describe then it would be good to see 
> > them applied to the 0.7 branch. It bothers me that the forrestbar has 
> > been made useful after all this time, but that we only have a useful 
> > version for 0.8-dev.

Thinking more about it, why can't we just
use the source from trunk (0.8-dev) for both.

We can just clearly label the group of items
under dev to be "Dispatcher-in-developement"
Or even have a separate menu for that.

There are other useful pipelines that are common
to both, like the ones that Ferdinand showed via
Javascript, and also localhost:8888/abs-linkmap
and linkmap for each page.


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