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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: forrest friday irc ops
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 06:44:47 GMT
Thanks very much for your effort there Tim.
I see that you had to be awake when you should
have been asleep. Otherwise it seems that all went
smoothly. Not so scary after all, eh.

Tim Williams wrote:
> Does anyone see a problem with making all committers an op for FF? 
> I'm obviously not that familiar with IRC but in reading [1] it seems
> that it's good to have more than one for channel stability.

I too am new to IRC, but i reckon that we don't
really need redundant operators. If it was a
continuous channel then yes, but this is more like
a monthly meeting via IRC. We are not likely to
need to forcibly remove people from the channel
or suffer a takeover attempt.

>  We're
> lucky enough to already have a system in place that allows us to
> determine who to trust.  Now being the op, it sure would make me feel
> more comfortable knowing that if I drop, the channel doesnt just go
> away.

I wonder if you have misread Item #2 of [1].
It is not talking about channel availability
but rather the issue of losing all operators
and so risking a channel takeover. We can just
close it and start a new temporary channel.

As long as there is someone in the channel then
it will be open (perhaps without an op). Otherwise
the first of us to re-join the channel (same channel
name) will be the new op.

Anyway, we should give operator status to some of
the other committers who are active on the day
(as you did). In the past, i have not bothered.

The logfile is the important thing for us.
If your connectivity is intermittent then
we need the backup of JennyCurran or Diwaker's
bot or similar. The simplest way is for the main
operator and one or two other participants to
connect at the beginning and remain all day,
just leaving their client open when "away".

> Obviously, it'd still be good to have a designated person to setup,
> commit logs, get summary started, etc.

That is a must. If no-one is prepared to do it,
then we will not be holding the session.


> Thoughts?
> --tim
> [1] -

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