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From Maurice Gittens <>
Subject Re: Forrest history (was Re: svn commit: r384121)
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 10:45:58 GMT
Hi all,

I'm a developer that has been reading the Forrest dev archives for a bit more 
than a year now and since a few months I actually keep track of 
HEAD trying out and testing stuff as it gets committed. 

I've not had reason to contact the mailing list as Forrest features,
such as views, the structurer and eventually the dispatcher generally 
"just work" for me.

Since I like the goal Forrest is striving to achieve I have considered 
becoming an active developer. Yesterday after reading about the commit 
that reverted what, in my opinion is no more than a statement of fact,
I decided not to develop for Forrest. After some contemplation I decided 
that I would leave in silence.

Since this thread has come up I will share my reasons with you.

If what I have read about Apache projects is actual, Forrest is a meritocracy.

While lurking on this list, I, a few times, took issue with the way merit 
seems to be repudiated by certain members in the Forrest community. The 
commit that reverted the mention of Thorsten as the inventor of the 
dispatcher actually made me decide that the Forrest project is not for me.

In what meritocracy is merit denied those deserving it?

Thorsten did great architectural, design and engineering work in the way he 
orthogonalized the primitives needed for advance SOC in the Forrest 
framework. To do this he needed an appreciation of both the high level
picture and the nitty-gritty details of Forrest.
Does he not deserve a mention for this achievement and contribution? 

Is it fair to project the fact that some feel their contribution are not 
worthy mention, unto all? If a person gives up the right to merit; why 
does he feel that another person should as well?

Just about every Open Source project I know recognizes major
contributors. Why not Forrest?

In the period I lurked on this list Thorsten _gave_, in the nontrivial sense, 
possibly more than all others! Why is it that he should not _get_ factual
recognition of this?

I understand that Forrest is your project governed by your rules. 
My contribution and the purpose of this mail is only to point out that certain 
developers avoid projects which deny merit to those deserving it. 

Please view this email as no more than an opinion of such a developer. 
I hope that Forrest does not loose many contributors as a consequence 
of this policy.

I wish Forrest well.

Kind regards,

PS: Please CC me if you reply because I am not subscribed.

No pare, sigue, sigue

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