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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject BXE and xdocs in doco (was Re: svn commit: r386919)
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2006 14:19:52 GMT
El dom, 19-03-2006 a las 03:22 +0000, escribió:
> Author: thorsten
> Date: Sat Mar 18 19:22:55 2006
> New Revision: 386919
> URL:
> Log:
> Adding xdocs module. The bxe editing is not working, need to fix this.

Hi all,
I added a xdocs module to doco. Since forrest did not yet switched to
xhtml2 as internal format, I thought that I write a lenya module which
makes it possible to edit forrest xdocs. ;)

Now everthing is nice when displaying and creating the xdocs, as well
the oneform editor is working fine. :) So it is now possible to create
and edit Apache Forrest xdocs with Apache Lenya. :)

...but editing with BXE is not working. :( 

As soon as I request 
BXE starts up without complains, but then the select box on the top left
has no values and the status on left bottom displays "<document>" the
root name of the xdoc.

Then I click in the editing area near "Apache Forrest xdocs" and the
status changes to <document><body><note>. Then I click on <note> and
(the actual message is longer but I cannot copy it, the following is
from the FF javaScript console):
Error: this.ownerDocument.vdom.firstChild has no properties
Archivo de origen:
Línea: 254

If I click on debug-xml I can see the original xml and as well debug-rng
is showing the relaxng schema.

Can it be that I need to define as well a

If so, can I re-use the rng and how?

Or is the problem in the xdocs sample where we define 
<!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V2.0//EN"
""> which got not copied
to the "new xdocs document"?

Can somebody can give me advice?

The module is here:



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