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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (FOR-831) Dispatcher Build, Clean and Deploy Batch File for Windows
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 10:07:20 GMT
El sáb, 18-03-2006 a las 18:28 +1100, David Crossley escribió:
> Gav.... wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > >
> > >In the meantime, why does the script clean and re-build
> > >forrest? That should be a separate concern. See the
> > >old etc/
> > 
> > My fault probably, but intentional on my part for builddispatcher.bat.
> > 
> > Whenever you need to deploy plugins for dispatcher use, is usually
> > right after an svn up, then you need to 'build clean' and 'build', then you
> > have to deploy plugins again, that is why they are all in there together.
> No, you do not need to rebuild after every
> 'svn update'. Only when there have been changes
> to *.java files.

Well, since the development of the new plugins I wrote that you need to
build clean, since, yes, I changed a lot of *.java. ...but it is most of
the time better to build clean, anyway.

> > The *nix equiv has been patched as and is not meant
> > as a replacement for
> Yeah, is old.
> I was just pointing to that as an example
> of not needing to use 'build clean; build'.

Well on the other heand it does not hurt and takes on my maschine 6 sec

> > If you would rather they be removed , no problem, but then you are
> > needing to run two batch files to get dispatcher working again.
> > 
> > Let me know how you would rather have it.
> Without the build part.
> What do others think?


I like the patch like it is and have no seen arguments that convinced me
that we should split the scripts. Gav is right why should we force
somebody to use two script if she can use one. 

The patches are a nice way to get the dispatcher working for sure.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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