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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: adding comments to genericMarkup
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 21:40:19 GMT
El dom, 12-03-2006 a las 10:54 +0930, Paul Bolger escribió:
> I'm building a site with Forrest which will be a subsite of a larger,
> static, site. The main site uses SSI's extensively and I'm trying to
> emulate the look and feel of the main site in the Forrest site.
> My problem is that genericMarkup.ft doesn't seem to like comments,
> which means SSI's don't get rendered in the output. I've tried using
> entities instead of <>s and I've tried <[CDATA... around the comment,
> but neither seems to work.

I just added some code, but you are right comments are not included.

Weird, can you open an issue and maybe try again?


> I'd also be good to add whatever gets contributed to this to the
> genericMarkup.ft usage section but both the Dispatcher plugins seem to
> have a copy - which one should I patch, or would this not be
> appropriate for contracts?

Where did you find them?

We have two plugins 

Contracts are in org.apache.forrest.themes.core.


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