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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: site.xml and tabs.xml
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 15:47:49 GMT

Paul Bolger wrote:

> - But - If you are deviating from the graphically linked tabs and left
> nav (like I am) it's not very intuitive to have the section closed
> when you first select it. My use case is the display of minutes from
> monthly meetings, and it's good to display the current ones by
> default.

Problem is that you really need to know how it works to reliably
achieve your goals. Very typical of Forrest and other complex beasts.
Use the provides templates or invest in understanding what they with
very little middle ground to tweak them just a little bit.

> So, the ability to control which groups are open is important.

Not sure what the 'so' is about. Afaik this ability is there if you
understand the system. Just place the start page of your tab in the
menu that you want opened ...

> Ok, it'd be really good to get this documented in a way which was
> reasonably easy to understand.

True. My recent posting "Re: Inconsistent tab/menu behavior"
in the user list was a step towards that.

> I'm getting the empty labels to force
> menus to open.

> still not clear on the differences between href"" and

There is a lot more on that in my above mentioned posting.

> dir"" and on which attributes are applicable at which level.

dir in tabs will determine the directory for the indexfile that is
opended when you click the tab. I'm not aware of any other use but I
haven't checked ...

> It'd also
> be interesting to work out how to specify output directories ----

What do you mean by that?

> analogue background: I think in ins and outs, Cocoon's logic seems
> like quantum mechanics to me.

Sorry, this is not Coocoon at all. This menu-system are just a very
intricate piece of accessible webdesign and coocon merely put's it
together. Apart from that it is all XSL-T, HTML and CSS.

> Might experiment a bit more and put up more theories which can be shot down ~~~;

Have fun ...

Ferdinand Soethe

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