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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: SV: XMLMind xml-editor
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2006 01:54:23 GMT
NOTE: please do not reply to me personally (if not in personal matter)!
It does not help the forrest community so it does not help yourself (see
my signature). ;-)
El sáb, 18-02-2006 a las 14:52 +0100, escribió:
> I see indeed that the "splike" page doesn´t have anything to do with
> Apache but the download page is referenced from the forrest official
> pages.
> My interpretation of that was obviously that that was the place to go
> to.

Yeah, Dave used to be very active in forrest and I guess he was the one
handling the XXE section for us (till now). It seems no one of the other
commiters (like me) are using

> Your page does not however
> state any download site it just gives instructions on what to do after
> the download (which works allright by the way).
> The reference to Splike I found after doing a site-search on the
> forrest site.

That fuels above supposition. ;-) 

> However I got in contact with a Norwegian guy, Sjur Moshagen, that was
> in the posession of av version 1.4 zip-file that he sent me.

Yeah, Sjur is around for a while here on forrest. 

Anyway, you can build this version yourself. I reckon Sjur just did this
for you: ;-)

I updated the page to better point out that you need to first build this
tool before using it (live after next update).

Thanks to point this out Lars and Sjur. :)


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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