no original rss is used for rss output.
only original, local xml content.
sorry for any confusion.


Ross Gardler wrote:
Paul Bolger wrote:
Sorry Ross, my mail client shows pretty well the whole thread, and I
forget that others don't see it that way. The conversation referred to
Helena's RSS plugin (or whatever... means for using RSS in her site,
covered in FOR-784) and her answer was regarding whether the method
works for internal as well as external content. From what I understand
Helen's method gets preexisting RSS data and organises it for display.
This would certainly be useful, but automated RSS creation from
Forrest internal docs format would be really useful. I really like the
idea of using RSS as an internal indexing format, and just filtering
the RSS to suit the use case.

OK, thanks.

Yes, looking at Helena's contribution is requries the original source in RSS. It is pretty easy to create an RSS feed from existing content though. You would use the directory generator to create a list of files in on ore more directories and process that with XSL to create the RSS.

For examples on how to do this see the projectInfo plugin which uses the directory generator to create site.xml entries.

This would be a good compliement to the Feeder plugin - but like Thorsten obsered in earlier, we are getting dangerously close to doing things that a CMS system should really be doing for us. This is a very grey area - I'm not sure which side of the fence I sit on yet.


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