My existing content is standard xdocs/*.xml files.
The rss data is generated from my xml meta-data for each article entry by type,
Let me know if you need me to be more explicit.


Paul Bolger wrote:
Sorry Ross, my mail client shows pretty well the whole thread, and I
forget that others don't see it that way. The conversation referred to
Helena's RSS plugin (or whatever... means for using RSS in her site,
covered in FOR-784) and her answer was regarding whether the method
works for internal as well as external content. From what I understand
Helen's method gets preexisting RSS data and organises it for display.
This would certainly be useful, but automated RSS creation from
Forrest internal docs format would be really useful. I really like the
idea of using RSS as an internal indexing format, and just filtering
the RSS to suit the use case.

On 18/01/06, Paul Bolger <pbolger@gmail.com> wrote:
The rss is from existing content as well as newly-published content.
Can I just clarify, does the existing content have to be rss?

Paul Bolger



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