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From Paul Bolger <>
Subject Re: common.fv not working - have I missed something?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:43:54 GMT
> If you do and want a fallback for pult you can
> a) add it to {yourProject}/.../themes/pult.fv
> b) add it to {yourProject}/.../xdocs/pult.fv
> This are absolute fallbacks.
> >  Now I have common.fv working,
> > but Forrest isn't finding the modified theme.
> Hmm, weird. ...but if you do not specify pult in your properties that
> would be the explanation. Anyway try adding pult.fv to b)
> > I've tried two entries,
> > doesn't work; comma separated values, ditto;
> multiple fallbacks are not supported. It would be a logical problem
> which fallback to use.
> > changing the name of
> > 'common.fv' to pult.fv... I'm running out of ideas!
> >
> changing common.fv to pult.fv and defining the theme in
> should work.

But the problem with that is that 'common.fv' stops working. I think
we need to clarify this as the docs (which I had a hand in writing)
say that common.fv sets the same view (I'm using view in the sense
that it's a set of contracts, hooks and css links in a .fv file which
lay out the structure of an output document - correct me if that's not
the meaning of view) for all the documents unless overridden. I
doesn't say that this is also sets the theme to 'common'. I'm getting
confused here over whether the 'common' in 'common.fv' is related to
the 'common' in the theme 'common' or whether we are just using the
same term with a different meaning in a different context.

> All what I said assumes that you are changing stuff in your project and
> *NOT* in the core.

That's correct: 'Pult' is a copy of Pelt, and it's at

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