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From Paul Bolger <>
Subject Re: New contracts (Re: The future (was Re: New skin: Coat))
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 21:50:01 GMT
On 04/01/06, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Paul Bolger wrote:
> > Having had a chance to experiment a bit with the dispatcher I keep
> > finding that the existing contracts are too Forrest, or Apache,
> > specific - it's no coincidence that most 'Forrest Powered' sites look
> > a little bit like the Forrest site.
> Very true.
> > I'd like to propose (and in plain
> > English this means I'd like to do it, but don't have the technical
> > ability to pull it off on my own...) a set of contracts to overcome
> > this.
> It's easy to do, we'll help if you ask direct questions. FOr more
> general stuff the archives and docs are your friends.

> > New navigation contracts would be a good start: nav-main and
> > nav-section are very much based on the original Forrest site (and
> > nav-section relies on Javascript, a big problem for me) - a set of
> > contracts to produce very plain lists of links according to various
> > criteria would be very useful.
> [OT} the nav-section contract no longer depends on javascript. You can
> turn off the javascript stuff with a property, see the usage example in
> the contract.
> > I think the appropriate time to do this would be immediately after the
> > official dispatcher release. Anyone interested in collaborating?
> Timing - no time like the present.

> I'm interesting in collaborating by advising. I don't need any new
> contracts right now, but if you define what you want to do and ask a
> direct question about how to do it then I will do my best to answer. As
> will others.

That sounds good.

Thanks Ross, I'm about to set off on a four-day trip (away from
computers) so will pick this up when I return.


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