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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: jira attachments: can't download (FOR-280)
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 11:24:38 GMT
Den 31. jan. 2006 kl. 11.48 skrev Ross Gardler:

> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Steven Noels wrote:
>>> On 30 Jan 2006, at 23:15, Jeff Turner wrote:
>>>> On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 05:06:40PM +0100, Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>>>> Hello!
>>>>> Does somebody know what happened to the attachments in Jira?
>>>>> I cannot access any longer the attachments for FOR-208,
>>>>> see
>>>>> id=12310520

Did you mean FOR-280? The link you provided points to that issue.

>> The cocoondev copies of the Forrest issues has never been removed,  
>> therefore:
> But there is not attachment on that issue, nor the equivalent one  
> in our ASF Jira.
> The description talks about an attachment though, perhaps Sjur  
> forgot to attach it.

I can see no reference to attachments in the description.  
Furthermore, I don't think I actually added an attachment to the  
issue - I'm quite sure I didn't invest the time needed to find a  
proper solution:-/

Soo - I think it was a typo in the original posting in this thread,  
and that it really relates to FOR-280 instead of FOR-208:-)

If FOR-208 claims there should be attachments to it, that is an  
error, and should be changed.


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