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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: The future (was Re: New skin: Coat)
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 02:20:22 GMT
On 1/10/06, Paul Bolger <> wrote:
> > Have you got the news sources in RSS? If so use the Feeder
> > plugin/contract. (note that contract should now be moved to the feeder
> > plugin since we now have that capability)
> No, the stories are just (hypothetically) Forrest internal document
> format. In most sites I work on the most frequent content additions
> are press releases, which can be in html, and which are then saved to
> a 'news' directory. The idea would be to get Forrest to manage the
> links and possibly the archiving. Archiving in this sense would
> consist purely of moving the link from a 'current' list to an
> 'archive' list.

I like this idea and think it's related to what I was trying to do
with the blog plugin -- use metadata to drive some of forrest's pages.
 I haven't read this whole thread so I may in fact be *way* off of
what you're talking about but I'm thinking you could do something like
o) Add a metadata element called "expires":
<meta name="expires" value="1/11/2006"/>

o) Use the xpathdirectorygenerator against your news directory to see
if it's "recent" or not.

When  I get home and finish playing around with the photogallery
plugin I'll get back to that blog one to try to finish it up as a good
example of how to use metadata in a more powerful way in forrest -
it's certainly not there yet.

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