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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: upgrading Forrest's Cocoon (Was: photogallery plugin thoughts)
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 13:36:38 GMT
On 1/8/06, David Crossley <> wrote:
> There are two separate issues here.
> One is to upgrade Forrest version of Cocoon and blocks
> to a recent version of Ccooon-2.2 i.e. their trunk,
> and also to include the ImageReader block.
> See below.
> The other is that you want to make a change to
> the ImageReader block of Cocoon. For that you need
> to commit the changes to Cocoon trunk. As a Forrest
> committer you can do that. If you think that it needs
> discussion then do so on cocoon-dev. Otherwise send
> a patch to their Jira (don't jold your breath on getting
> it applied).

I've misled you I think.  I am not wanting to modify the Cocoon
ImageReader block.  I've implemented a new
org.apache.forrest.readers.PersistentImageReader that currently
inherits from ResourceReader but will eventually inherit from
ImageReader.  No changes to the actual Cocoon code necessary -- it'll
be our own reader.

> Tim Williams wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > >
> > > So this would require adding the cocoon-imagereader-block
> > > to Forrest. Are you happy with doing Forrest's Cocoon
> > > upgrade process? I will do it if you are not comfortable.
> >
> > Yeah for now I'm inheriting directly from the ResourceReader so that I
> > can get it done -- just copied the code of the ImageReader.  I don't
> > know how to upgrade Cocoon yet.
> There is the procedure described in etc/cocoon_upgrade/README.txt
> > I wouldn't mind trying but since I've
> > already svn up'd my cocoon trunk with the new flattened structure it'd
> > have the added complexity of trying to do it a against a specific
> > version and I think that's not a good idea for my first time.  If you
> > have time, please do.
> That is normally easy.
> Update your Cocoon svn backwards [*] ...
>  svn up -r 366396
> Do the upgrade. Follow etc/cocoon_upgrade/README.txt
> Granted this is a bit frightening the first time,
> but need to start sometime.
> When all finished, then restore Cocoon to head ...
>   svn up -r HEAD
> However that is not going to work, because you need to
> add new functionality to Cocoon. We can maybe upgrade
> the Cocoon core and blocks now. And then when you are
> ready, we will upgrade just the Imagereader block.
> [*] Finding a good working version of Cocoon is difficult.
> Starting at r358825 Giacomo upgraded to jetty-5.1.8 so we
> will need to upgrade upgrade our Jetty too.
> If no-one beats me to it then i will upgrade our Cocoon
> to r385824 (as long as it works) and we can upgrade just
> the imagereader block later.
> After that we are going to need to amend our Cocoon
> upgrade procedure to use their new Maven2 based build.
> -David

Thanks David, I'm about to take off for a month for work.  I doubt
I'll get to do much more than follow mail during that time, though
I'll try to clean this photo-gallery stuff up.  I've got most
everything working except the "main" gallery page -- having an odd
transformer issue there that I'm sure is something embarrassingly


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