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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: photogallery plugin thoughts
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 13:26:56 GMT
On 1/7/06, David Crossley <> wrote:
> Tim Williams wrote:
> >
> > Thanks David,
> > That patch appears to expand the image handling capabilities -- which
> > is cool -- but what I'm wanting is simply to write the image variants
> > to disk.  I've pretty much got it working but since it's a pretty huge
> > change I want to make sure it's cool with everyone first.  Right now,
> > each variant (small, preview, and big) is created in it's own
> > directory manually by the forrest user.  What I want is to just be
> > able to drag a bunch of my photo directories into the gallery and have
> > those variants generated by Cocoon automatically -- when I implemented
> > it I also made the change of being filename-based instead of directory
> > based.  This works fairly well though as you might imagine the first
> > time through it's still memory intensive too.
> >
> > I also eventually want to make an additional change in behavior.  The
> > gallery\ directory will be seen as the root gallery.  Any subdirectory
> > of that one can have a gallery.meta file that describes the gallery
> > and also may contain sub-galleries itself.
> I for one, am very happy that you make those changes.
> This would certainly change that plugin's version number
> since it is different behaviour.
> So this would require adding the cocoon-imagereader-block
> to Forrest. Are you happy with doing Forrest's Cocoon
> upgrade process? I will do it if you are not comfortable.

Yeah for now I'm inheriting directly from the ResourceReader so that I
can get it done -- just copied the code of the ImageReader.  I don't
know how to upgrade Cocoon yet.  I wouldn't mind trying but since I've
already svn up'd my cocoon trunk with the new flattened structure it'd
have the added complexity of trying to do it a against a specific
version and I think that's not a good idea for my first time.  If you
have time, please do.


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