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From Tim Williams <>
Subject photogallery plugin thoughts
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 13:06:53 GMT
I've looked at the Photogallery plugin and have some changes I'd like
to discuss.

1) Move from directory to file convention.  I don't particularly care
for the whole directory-based convention for the image variations
(preview | small | big).  I'd like to just be able to dump a bunch of
existing image directories into the gallery and not have to do much
work.  (Yeah, I know there's scripting that can do some grunt work
here).  I'd like to move the plugin to a filename based approach.  The
short version is that each image variation would live in the same
directory as the main image file but with an added identifier in the
name.  Something like:

2) Let cocoon generate these images for us.  I don't like having to
pregenerate all of the image variations so I would like cocoon to do
it for us. This is pretty simple with the ImageReader but we very
quickly run into memory issues.  The only solution to this (besides
the obvious boosting maxmem) I can think of is to implement a
PersistentImageReader that, once it generates the requested image
variation, writes it to disk.  Then, the next time though it only
needs to be read from disk.  This means that cocoon needs write
permission but it's about the best way I can think to do it.

I've actually got #1 working with the plain ImageReader (although it
could be static disk-based as well).  I've got #2 mostly working as
well but the image writing needs some cleanup.  Anyway, I like where
this is going but didn't want to drastically change the current plugin
without some discussion.


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